Topic Summary

The main mission of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is to ensure peace and security globally by identifying potential threats to the peace or acts of aggression. While the Security Council typically recommends methods to settle a dispute by peaceful means, in some cases, it can impose sanctions or even authorize the use of force to ensure international peace and security. With recent conflicts such as Kosovo and Syria, there is an ever pressing need for international collaboration and development of an efficient council structure to ensure just reflection of current global power relations.


Topic A: The Somali Civil War


It will focus on a discussion of possible measures that UNSC can take to negotiate the ongoing civil war in Somalia that started in the 1980s. During this time UNSC organized multiple attempts to intervene and restore a central government including the deployment of peacekeeper troops in 1993.


Topic B: Preventing the Arms Race in the Arctic Circle

It illustrates how politics and economics are intertwined with those of ecology. Because of global warming, the Arctic Ocean is melting, opening up a sea of new perspectives for bordering countries, including new maritime trade routes and new deposits of natural resources. This UNSC committee will focus on providing a framework for peaceful and sustainable exploration of this region as the UN believes that the Arctic region should be the common heritage of all people. 

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