Topic Summary

The mission of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is to assess national and global trends and to set the global environmental agenda providing advice on the implementation of environmentally sound sustainable development practices. With ever-increasing pressure from environmental crises, the work of UNEP is absolutely crucial right now, when climate change, water shortages, soil degradation, natural disasters, biodiversity loss, pollution, and many other pressing challenges need urgent attention by a united international community.


Topic A: Tackling Migration Driven By Climate Change 


It focuses on the issue of the growing number of ‘climate refugees’, people who are forced to abandon their homes due to rapid climate changes. This results in growing pressure on national borders, resources and economies, which contributes to international instability and conflict. This topic will focus on the development of potential measures to provide legal protection to climate refugees with the aim of making a lasting change while ensuring immediate aid for the safety of at-risk communities. 


Topic B: International Collaboration for Achieving Water Security


It will discuss measures to ensure the affordable and reliable supply of sufficient water with the required quality to provide the necessary conditions for health, livelihoods, and production.  With an ever-increasing population and growing industry, the gap between water supply and demand is growing at unprecedented speed. With only 0.001% of global water storage available for human consumption, international collaboration is urgently required to provide water security measures. This topic will focus on the development of a resilient water security framework through international collaboration schemes.

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