It is the purpose of our conference to provide delegates with the type of academic rigour that students at the University of Oxford also experience. With that in mind, we arrange for Professors at the University of Oxford to come and speak to delegates about the topics that they happen to be discussing in their committees. We have found that delegates have found the opportunity to discuss their topics with a leading academic in that respective field incredibly valuable and eye-opening, often providing students with insights and perspectives they had previously not been exposed to. 


Some of last year’s speakers included:

  • Desmond King, Andrew Mellon Professor of American Government came to speak to the US Senate 2025

  • Ann Buchanan, Emeritus Professor of Social Work came to speak to UNICEF

  • Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation and Development came to speak to the UNDP


In addition to engaging with the academic ethos of the University of Oxford, we want students to have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the incredible sights that one may find in Oxford. For this reason, we provide the opportunity for all delegates to go on tours of the city of Oxford, in which they explore some of the University’s oldest colleges and buildings and learn a bit more about the secrets and mysteries that the University has held over the last millennium. 


Tour highlights from past years have included:

  • Visiting the Bodleian Library, one of the largest library complexes in the United Kingdom.

  • Visiting sights at which Harry Potter scenes were shot.

  • Hearing about the history of the infamous All Souls College, the most exclusive college in Oxford.

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