Joana Perrone

Secretary - General

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil


College and Course: Wadham College, DPhil in Area Studies (Latin America)


Personal Interests: Learning new languages, reading fiction and listening to international politics podcasts


Advice to Delegates: The experience of MUN is exciting and challenging, and taking it as space where one can grow as a person, student and orator will always allow you to develop your abilities and also enjoy the experience. MUN is all about learning! Being a delegate is about commitment and study, but it also about being excited to pursue new avenues of thought while engaging with different people, ideas and methods. My main advice to delegates is: an open-minded attitude will benefit you more than anything else.

Verona Emily Blackford 

Director - General &

Director - Commission on Status of Women

Hometown: Cambridge


College and Course:  Modern Languages (French and Italian), Pembroke College


Personal Interests: Reading literature, politics, singing, running and hiking, listening to podcasts


Advice to Delegates:  I believe that the key to MUN is the importance of the conversation. In a world of what feels like ever-increasing division and polarisation, our greatest strength is our ability to forge connections. Whether as a delegate representing a nation at MUN, or as an

individual in your own communities, remember your power comes from talking to each other, rather than shouting into the ether! Use this as a brilliant opportunity to practise your negotiation, compromise and networking skills.



Xiaojian Zhou 


Disarmament and International Security Committee

Hometown: Singapore

College and Course: Queen’s College, BA in Jurisprudence (Law with Law Studies in Europe)

Personal Interests: Public Policy, Global Affairs, Philosophy, Chinese, Data Science, Hip Hop Dancing

Favourite MUN Experience: High quality debate and strong collaborative spirit within the WHO committee made NTUMUN 2017 one of my best MUN experiences.

Advice to Delegates: OxfordMUN offers an incredible opportunity for you to keep abreast of the most pressing challenges facing countries across the world and meet some of the brightest individuals equally interested in global affairs. Be prepared for the conference by reading the study guide thoroughly, do in-depth research about the stance of the country you’re representing and keep up with the news. Take initiative and be proactive in sharing and learning during the conference. Do not be afraid to approach your chairs for feedback and advice whenever you encounter any difficulties; we are here to help! We also hope that the refreshing perspectives you learn and the innovative solutions you come up with will go beyond the conference and inspire you to make a difference in your own communities. Last but certainly not least, enjoy the process and have loads of fun!!

Manos Panagopoulos 


The Economic and Financial Committee

Hometown: Luxembourg City

College and Course: Pembroke College, BA Jurisprudence 

Personal Interests: Legal philosophy, learning new languages, international politics, flying and tennis

Advice to Delegates: Being new to the world of MUN is probably one of the most fascinating experiences one will ever have. The complexity and dynamics of the environment offer an array of life skills that you should take on board for whatever it is that you do in the future. MUN is not a knowledge test but a test on your ability to participate, commit and above all, learn. My main advice to all delegates is: be prepared to listen to other ideas as much as you are prepared to participate and express your own; this will assure that you get the most out of this incredible experience. 

Sitarah Mohammadi


International Olympic Committee

Hometown: Jaghori

College and Course: Provost’s Scholar from Australia, based at Worcester College 


Personal Interests: Tennis, travelling, reading, outdoors/nature, international affairs, foodie!

Favourite MUN Experience: Melbourne 2015, dressing up with my partner as Will and Kate, representing the UK

Advice to Delegates: Make every opportunity count. Treat each opportunity like it's a burger; grab it with both hands. I would like to encourage all delegates to use the learnings from the conference to build on their knowledge, embolden their personalities, and strengthen their own skills and abilities. Once they have empowered themselves, then they will have the ability to empower others and immensely impact their local, national and global communities. 

Nima Ashfaq


United Nations Environment Programme

Hometown: Karachi

College and Course: Economics and Management, Pembroke College

Personal Interests: Travelling, trying new foods, cooking, running, painting 

Favourite MUN Experience: My favourite experience was my first international conference in Boston. The experience of travelling and competing with my team was something very new and also very special, unique and memorable. 

Advice to Delegates: The first thing that I hope all delegates understand is that this conference is about so much more than merely debating. It is about recognising the importance of issues faced by the international community today, learning how to formulate and communicate opinions, understanding how to negotiate and compromise and also about building the confidence to voice your opinions. In our committee, I hope to see collaboration between delegates, and an understanding that diplomacy is not necessarily about making sure your opinion is voiced the loudest, but more importantly about building support for a coherent set of ideas. My advice to you is to research well because there is absolutely no substitute for a strong knowledge base, and the more preparation you put in beforehand, the more you will be able to gain from the conference. I also urge you to try and make the most of the experience and the opportunities that this conference offers you: if you try to engage with the people around you, the activities, and the topics as much as you can, then I am sure you will have a great experience. I look forward to seeing you all in October. 

Elemchi Nwosu


United Nations Security Council

Hometown: Bristol

College and Course: Diplomatic Studies MSt (Blackfriars)

Personal Interests: Sustainable development, political theory, travelling, music, theatre


Advice to Delegates: I would encourage all participants to reflect on their role as individual change agents and never underestimate their ability to make a difference. Equally important however, is collective consciousness. Collaboration is the key. So beyond MUN I encourage us all to continue the conversation and stay informed—read, write, listen, debate, and never lose sight of a broader cause.

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