Topic Summary

With 96 active members and 206 officially recognized National Olympic Committees, the International Olympic Committee’s mission is to promote the Olympics around the world. They seek to promote regular Olympics taking place, ban discrimination at the Olympics, and to have full cooperation with its member's laws and regulation when hosting the Olympics. This committee will involve delegates, representing countries, creating proposals to host the Olympic Games and discussing questions raised in the realm of elite athletic competition. The proposals (including city, venue, strategy, financing, etc) will be worked on and periodically presented to the rest of the committee. Beyond that, this committee will also discuss a topical issue in the remit of sports regulations within the Olympics.


Topic A: The Selection of the Next City to Host the Olympic Games


It focuses on a series of presentations by teams of members of the International Olympic Committee bidding to become the host city of future Olympic Games and the following decision. The needs of hosts cities will be further detailed on the Background Guide, but overall the selection will face issues surrounding tourism, environmental impact, and infrastructure.


Topic B: The Question of Hormone Regulation in Athletic Competition


This issue will allow delegates to discuss if hormone regulation should be implemented as a rule within the remit of the IOC and, if so, how this would come about, following on to discussions raised by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) earlier this year. 

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