Topic Summary

One of the six main committees in UN General Assembly, and a constant in all Model United Nations Conference, DISEC deals with and finds solutions to problems regarding security and weapons across the world. All 193 member states of the UN attend this committee, and topics covered in this committee can concern nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, arms trades, and regional security. The main goal of this

committee is to protect, maintain, and strengthen international peace and security from various threats, originating from both, state actors and non-state actors.



Topic A: The Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons


From the American supply of arms to fuel proxy wars, to the Golden Triangle of weapons trade, illicit weapon trading has become a matter of growing concern for the safety and development of the international community. Although such trade occurs globally, it is most prevalent in areas which are already vulnerable; where armed

conflict and organized crime are already prevailing. In addition to obstructing the dispersion of humanitarian aid and facilitating the violation of international laws, arms trafficking destabilizes regions by escalating the scale of civil wars, providing access to arms for terrorists and nonstate actors, creating a worldwide insecurity issue that affects all countries.


Topic B: Combatting Terrorism in the Digital Age


In this topic, the focus is on the way terrorist organizations have capitalized on technological advancements in

terms of developing their combat strategies, procuring technologically superior equipment, using technology to spread their ideology and exploiting weaknesses in technology to create further impact. Cyber-security and cyber-warfare are emerging concerns of the current era. Technological developments are matched by the need to devise more complex strategies to prevent cyber attacks, passive or otherwise in order to ensure worldwide security.

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